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Payment methods


PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to articles in online stores can afford. PayPal has over 100 million account holders.
After creating an account with PayPal, you can check your bank account or credit card with PayPal easily register. Your bank account or credit card is then linked to your PayPal account. You need this information then never to enter when making a payment. Then make a payment to, you only need the PayPal e-mail address of the recipient. In our case is automatically ensured that the payment on the PayPal account of ends. After you approve the payment, PayPal the amount automatically from your account or your credit card.

Bank transfer

Should you opt for payment via bank wire transfer then we wait to send your order until the total amount payable, as stated on the invoice, has been made to us.

On your order confirmation, our bank details will be clearly indicated.

Bancontact / Mister Cash

Bancontact / Mister Cash can be used for  Belgian online purchases using their debit card. The safety and reliability is absolutely guaranteed.

To make a payment to GlassVision, on the "checkout" page, use the Bancontact / Mister Cash option.
Then enter the card number and expiration date and you are taken to a screen of your own bank, where you can identify you through your trusted internet banking system.
After the transaction you will receive a confirmation message that informs you about the status of the payment.

All Bancontact / Mister Cash payments are handled and protected using Mollie Payment.